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Tia Testimonial Video


Tia Abraham-Glover - Testimonial Videos

The goal is to create a testimonial video that shows the impact that Tia's expertise in wardrobe design has on her clients' lives. We will accomplish this goal, by telling the story of one her clients. This will give us the ability to show the value that Tia brings to her clients and also the impact that the experience has on her clients.


The story Arch

To best tell the story of Tia's clients we will use the three act structure, following a rough before and after model. First, life before working with Tia. Second, what the client's experience was while working with Tia. Third, how life has changed since working with Tia.

Act 1 - Life before

In this act, we will discuss what the client's life was like before working with Tia. We will hit on how they felt about the wardrobe. How they approached clothing. How they felt about their outward appearance. And where their confidence levels were before.

Act 2 - The Experience

In this act, we will show what the client experienced while working with Tia. How Tia revamped their closet. How she took time to ensure the wardrobe reflected her client. Also we will look into the practicalities of what the client experienced. For instance, meetings, shopping trips, tailoring, hair and make up, and lifestyle coaching.

Act 3 - How Life has Changed

In this act, we will highlight how the client's life has changed since working with Tia. How their physical appearance has changed. How their outlook on life has changed. How the way they dress has changed the way they feel about themselves.



To best illustrate the story of the client, we will film b-roll and a sit down interview. The interview and the majority of the b-roll will take place in the client's home. This will give an authentic feeling to the video that will resonate a feeling of at home with the audience. The other location will be out on the streets of the city, that will coincide with Act 3 of the story. 

The total time for filming will be 5 hours with the client. With 1 hour of set up time for the interview.


After filming has completed it will take about two weeks to create a rough cut. Once that is complete, we can discuss notes and refine the piece until we are both satisfied with the result. Once editing is complete, I will color grade and create a sound design for the video.




Based off the time, resources, and equipment needed to produce this video, Alex Williams will need a budget of $2,000.00. Below is an overview of the costs.

  • 1 Day of Pre-production
    • Writing, meetings, shotlisting, scouting
  • 1 Day of Production
    • Filming the story and any additional B-roll needed
  • 2 Days of Post-Production
    • Editing, color-grading, sound mixing
  • $500.00 for equipment rentals