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Save Me - Marcella


Save me


The Story

The song, "Save Me" features several  themes that are present for both believers and non-believers a like. We all in someway or another feel lost in a world that constantly is telling us how to live and who we should be. The song cries out what many millennials, and honestly, most people feel; that they need to be saved. 



The City



The Bed



The Lake

What I would love to do is to look into the process of being saved from a modern Christian perspective. Showing the process of being saved in it's three phases, Brokenness, depicted in the business of a city, Death, being surrounded by a bed, and Resurrection being baptized in the water of a lake. Each scene featuring you as the main actress, showing the process of being saved. 

One of the tenants of film-making is to involve the audience on a sub-conscious level in the film by leaving room for their own interpretations. By engaging the audience on this level, we dive past their consciousness and into their soul. It is a delicate balance between the obvious and the engaging, but we can accomplish this by inter-cutting between the three scene. This will subvert the beliefs of both believers and non-believers, and make them engage with the story on sub-conscious level.


The Aesthetic

What drew me to the song were two things. First, the story that you created within the song. Second, was the feel of the song. You created such an amazing feeling of grit and authenticity that resonates what it feels like to be a Christian, but also engages what is happening in society as a whole.

I want to latch on to a feeling of handmade and well worn for the entire piece. Right now I'm leaning into a feeling of Boho Chic.


Really going toward metaphorical performance and feeling. A mixture of dance and illustration of the internal struggle.  Moments of deep thought. 

Sing the chorus and special lines within the story and without breaking character or recognizing the camera.


Dresses. Light and Multi-layered . Muted colors. 


Set Design

Simple. Handmade. Woods and warn paint. 


The Shots

Deep shadows. Moody lighting. Use of household lighting and ambient lights to fill the scenes. Film on the shadow side.

More To Come!!!