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Brian Hopper Sizzle


Brian Hopper Sizzle Reel

The main objective of the video is to promote Brian as speaker and for him to gain more speaking engagements. My vision is to approach the speaker sizzle reel in fresh way, that uses audio from Brians speaking engagements to narrate the visuals that showcase both Brian on stage speaking and also B-roll that shows who Brian is as a person. 


The Story

The heart of the video is to use clips of Brian discussing process that he uses in his life to bring success to his business and life. The three main aspects of Brian's process that I want to cover are the people that he surrounds himself with, the way he lives his life, and the vision that he possess. 


The Office.

Show Brian going through his daily routine at the office. Preparing to go to a listing. Taking phone calls. Emailing clients. 

The City.

Show Brian walking through the city. Looking up at the city. This will show the vision that Brian brings when speaks at an engagement.

The Photoshoot.

Show Brain at photoshoot.  Talking, laughing, and relaxing with co-workers. Showing that a major part of his success is the people that he surrounds himself with.

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Outline of the Video



The beginning of the video will start with the skyline of Seattle, a voice-over comes in Brian interacts with crowd asking along the lines of who wants to be a successful broker.

Act 1 - Brian's process

This portion of the video will be highlighting Brian's routines and process that produce his success. Here we will use several speaking clips where Brian is discussing his process. This act of the video will be mostly Brian on stage, with a few shots of him in his office preparing for a listing.

Act 2 - People surrounding Brian.

We will begin this part of the video, by using audio and video of Brian speaking on how surrounding himself with an amazing team is key to his success. Overlay B-roll of  Brian and the team at photo shoot, while the audio continues underneath. 

Act 3 - His Vision

This portion of the video we will use clips of Brian sharing his business experience, the way he relates to clients, and a glimpse of where Brian thinks where the future of the Real Estate is going. We will use b-roll shots of Brian in Seattle, walking around and looking at the sklyine.


We will conclude on video and audio of Brian rallying crowd, with a statement that is similar to that in the introduction of the video. The final shot will be slow zoom in on Brian in the city.